Herbs for Late Spring and Early Summer Bouquets

Does your bouquet pass the sniff test? Color and form are always there, but fragrance? If we want our bouquets to smell as good as they look, turning to herbs that are in season here in Maryland will do the trick.

For spring, chamomile, chives, fennel, and apple mint are all quick growers and cool-season lovers. They are unique, beautiful, and aromatic to boot. Herbs are grown locally and are available for purchase through your flower farmer friends.

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Boutonniere Best Practices

A boutonniere is single or a small bouquet of flowers that is traditionally worn by men, particularly on formal occasions like weddings, proms, and funerals. In general, a boutonniere symbolizes the wearer’s personality, style, and regard for the significance of the occasion. Locally grown, fresh flowers that hold up well out of water make the best boutonnieres.

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